Ivana Kubat

Mrs. Ivana Kubat is a Team Leader of Ice Mechanics Group at Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering Portfolio at National Research Council of Canada. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She has worked on ice engineering issues since 1998 and has been involved with many projects including numerical modeling of sea ice dynamics, development of an iceberg drift model for operations on the Grand Banks, West Coast of Greenland, and Barents Sea, development of a pressured ice forecasting model, establishing requirements for exploratory drilling in ice-covered deep waters, ice load measurements on the Confederation Bridge, damage to vessels in ice-covered waters, spray icing, the impact of climate change on Arctic shipping with regard to vessel damage and regulations, evaluation of historical ice conditions in Canadian Arctic shipping lanes, determining the class of a vessel operating year-round in the High Arctic complying with Transport Canada Regulations, and verification of the systems used for regulating shipping in the Arctic from the Arctic Pollution Prevention Regulations.  Recently, Ivana is leading a development of the Canadian Arctic Shipping Risk Assessment System for marine transportation in Canadian North that enables sound decision-making leading to safer and more efficient shipping in the harsh environment.  She is a member of Canadian Standards Mirror Committee ISO/TC6/SC8 - Arctic Operations. Ivana has chaired a number of sessions at numerous international conferences and workshops, and chaired the POAC'11 international conference.