John Riding

John Riding is the Managing Director of MARICO Marine.  

He initially spent 12 years at sea, leaving in 1986 to undertake a Masters Degree at Liverpool University.  After a period working in the marine casualty market he worked for the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency, where He was a key part of the team developing IMO’s Formal Safety Assessment system, which is still in use today.  In 1996 he commenced applying this new science to ports, harbours and terminals, at a harbour that has suffered a serious Tanker Grounding and resulted in a large number of similar port marine risk assessment commissions.  It was the beginnings of Marico Marine a Southampton based firm specialising in the practical management of marine risk.  Since then, John has worked with Government Regulators, Port and Harbour authorities and port companies all over the world and now has some 18 years’ experience in this field.   He is based in the New Zealand office of Marico, where in 2013 Marico developed a methodology to apply risk techniques to Charting and decision making for Charting Improvements.  This was driven by the need to update the Charts of the South West Pacific.